pic: Inspiring


Teaching the little one about the brain of the robot. Explaining in simple terms the cRIO and how it functions and how it sends signals to the motor controllers and on to the motors. He is now my right hand man on the controls team.

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That’s cool. You can never start too early.

Just don’t show him any large fire trucks… :rolleyes:

This is the most awesome, and cutest thing I’ve seen all day.

You really can’t start too early. By the time he’s our age, he’ll be teaching us new tricks!


MY only response: awww.

This picture has caption contest potential. I definitely have to agree on the firetruck. I still get distracted from my work when one drives by.

Opportunities abound when the mentored now mentor in wise caring ways.

It’s good to see you back in CD, Pavan.


That’s my Son! :slight_smile: Never thought I’d see him this early on Chiefdelphi!

He’s the next JTN in training!


That’s my nephew! We always knew he was intelligent, never enough to show Chief Delphi a few things though! :yikes: