pic: Intake Reversible Bumper

We are proud to introduce our new Intake Reversible Bumper! You can view the product here: http://www.robopromo.com/product_p/rp-2021.htm. This makes it super easy to change your bumper colors during a match, and solves the problem of corner reversible bumpers by already being pre-sewn for you. If you’d like a full set of Reversible Bumper Material, including our new Intake Reversible Bumper Material, follow this link for the Intake Reversible Bumper Set: http://www.robopromo.com/product_p/rp-2022.htm

Make sure to include numbers and iron-on service for professional installation!

Thank You!

We needed this desperately last year, our bumpers by our intake were a constant source of issues. Looking forward to trying these out! Any chance this will be available in Offensive / Defensive bumper material?

Yes, the product is available in offensive/ defensive bumper material upon request. When you’re checking out, simply add your request in the comments/notes section, and we will get that made for you!

Here’s a new video we made to show you how the Intake Reversible Bumpers are constructed: http://www.robopromo.com/category_s/1839.htm