pic: intelitek's present to you.....a sneak peek at easyC PRO!

Happy Holidays from intelitek! We will be holding easyC workshops the day before at UNH Manchester as part of the FIRST workshop series - see you there!

As you can see, the interface is very similar to that of the original versions of easyC, but with a few tweaks…

Banana Sensor?!:ahh: IT’S A HINT!

(so that’s what easyC looks like…no wonder the programmers like it so much)

It looks photoshoped to me

looks like the last 4 items under input are photoshoped :confused:


Well, I can rule out banana sensor as a legitimate sensor that I had just never heard off. Now the to see if its photoshoped. I have never used EasyC but can you add new sensors. If so maybe its just an added “dummy” sensor that is nothing more than a name in the list.

Ha! The last four inputs may very well be “red herrings” but they DO exist and comply with the many rumors flying around. The depth sensor and sonar emitter are very much water based types of sensors, but can also be used on dry land. The banana sensor (try Google) can actually be used to detect bending…perhaps an interesting addition to this years kit? In any event, I am always pleased to see the attention to detail CD members have! One more week to go to kickoff!

Now, Jess…that’s just cruel!!

Sonar Emitter?
Depth Sensor?
Banana Sensor?

Must mean we’re dealing with water…submarines anyone??

Did Dan give Shawn a beta copy of this code ? :smiley:

Good call! I looked at it zoomed up, your right the last 4 items do look photoshoped. I have to admit the names are very creative. Banana Sensor! What an awesome name!! :smiley:

I just thought of this. Bananas are yellow and subs go in water and The Beatles sung Yellow Submarine. Maybe that means something. :confused:

I’ve never touched easyC, so I don’t know this. I know a lot of flowchart -> code programs work nicely, in that direction. Say I take my hand written code and paste it into the code box. Will it make a flowchart?

I’ve had a chance to beta test easyC Pro, and I must say I am very impressed with the functionality. They’ve added more sensor support, which is cool. The camera support is done very well. There’s alot of cool new things you can do with the camera in this version of easyC, but I will keep my mouth shut about that… :cool:

easyC writes C code with drag and drop blocks. This makes a flow chart of your program. In easyC Pro you can convert these flow charts to a .c file.

Ahh, so that’s what the GetBanana.h file is used for… :wink:


I realize that, but can I convert my .c files into flowcharts?

Mike: No easyC can’t do that, but its a very good idea.

art: Yep, thats exactly what thats for. :smiley:
You should check out API.h I’m sure you can find some calls in there. :stuck_out_tongue:

unsigned int GetSonar(unsigned char echo, unsigned char ping);
void StartSonar(unsigned char echo, unsigned char ping);
void StopSonar(unsigned char echo, unsigned char ping);

unsigned int GetBanana(unsigned char port);

Awww, Jess, you weren’t supposed to start giving away all the surprises yet. Well, at least you didn’t mention anything about the altimeter.


-dave :slight_smile:

The ability to convert into .c files would be nice… ^.^

I think it’ll be nice to program simple stuff here in easy-c pro, and then add in advanced stuff with normal coding. That’s just my personal opinion though.

easyC Pro now has a full featured C editor with syntax highlighting.

I want a skip it counter! That is soooooooooo cool!

A new device for the kit of parts??? << >>