pic: Intellectual Match?

John V-Neun finally meets someone who’s on his level.

umm… hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… I needed this laugh after all day of drawing. This is what an IFI engineer does when he is on break. :rolleyes:

Thanks Amanda. :slight_smile:

Edit: Richard just reminded me of this. Is John trying to be like Andy? :slight_smile:

… ok time to run away before I get in more trouble.

HA HA HA … GREAT picture …

Is that John’s new pet? What’s his name?

Never argue with a pig. It only wastes your time and annoys the pig.

You might try arguing with JVN, but then again … :rolleyes:


<JVN> Whut? Huh? Uhhnnn…

<pig> Oh man, there goes the neighborhood!

which one is JVN? :stuck_out_tongue:

pig: I am JVN

JVN: no I am JVN

pig: I am JVN

JVN: Tony we are having pork chops for dinner!

It’s nice to see JVN interacting with 1902’s mascot…

“Are you related to Baker’s famous Technopig?”

thats the ugliest dog i’ve ever seen. no offense john, but i’d take it back to the pet store and ask for another.:wink:

the fact that the pig seems to be looking at john, and vice versa, really makes the picture. it reminds me of some of gary larson’s farside comics.

Hahahahahaha oh dear lord this is fantastic.

The “famous” JVN has finally gotten enough sun to be discernable from the white sand. And the pig… well I really can’t say anythign about that, it’s good enough as it is.

<obviously not an entry>

(realizes what he just typed) Drat!

Everyone starts treating a thread like a caption contest, and even I start thinking it’s a caption contest! :ahh:

Wow, Its 7 in the morning and I’m practicly falling out my chair laughing at this picture. Thanks amanda!

On another note, it looks like John’s been so busy at IFI he hasn’t found time to shave…but my question is who is the dork in the sunglasses and snazzy shorts?

I just want to know why in the world is a pig at the beach

JVN: “How would you like to visit Indiana next summer? I know there is a bunch of folks you would just die to meet. There is this cat named Andy who will really fix things up for you. Wait right here and I’ll go give him a call!”

Wait, are we talking about JVN still? :wink:

Was this taken on the set of the “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” (from Toy Story) music video?

John - “Hakuna matata.”

Her name was “stones”, and we connected. This picture documents one of our special moments together.

This was at a private island in the Bahamas that we went to as part of a “Powerboat Adventures” tour. On the island there were quite a few wild-pigs; Stones being the most tame of them hung out with our group on the beach. She was especially fond of hotdogs, which we found a little strange.