pic: Interacter X5 charger

Interacter Battery charger. We are trying this setup. So far we like what we see.

i feel that this device should be held togeather and possibly suported or suspended by E-tape

I wish we had that many batteries that needed charging :frowning:

I think that you should build and program a VEX robot that autonomously
swaps in a used battery for one with a green light, and lacking that,
a blinking orange light, and then lacking that, picks the one least recently swapped in.

Hey! It would be practice for a game with lights that change color…


Actually might just be easier to unhook the LED and then just have something wait until a current goes through it. When the current goes through where the green LED was then you know that battery is done. Seems like a more effective idea.

I wish I had one of those. Charging 1 battery at a time can be a pain.