pic: Internal view of the Dewbot

Here’s the internal view of the drive train packaging. The roller chain has not been installed, but electrical and mechanical is in its final locations. The RC, additional spikes, backup battery, radio modem, sound system, etc. were installed in the “dew can” superstructure with plenty of room for more features.

Design started in the fall, but we didn’t have much time to fabricate the whole machine. Other than the 80/20 frame and the track bogeys, everything was fabricated in two weeks after our FRC season ended. So we only had enough time to get a drivetrain, sound system and lighting packaged into a polished looking package. The robot’s been invited back next year, so we plan on adding more features…

Anyone with some nice pictures of a semi-automatic t-shirt launcher, we’d be grateful for some inspiration!

Dual battery style? very nice

How longs the battery life?

and how fast does it go?!!?!?! :smiley:

You have any videos of it?

where did you get those treads?


Snowmobile tread, cut in two.

Wait, what’s this? A robot without the Rockwell Distribution block? And it works!?! No way!!! This is awesome.

Nice work guys.

And if you notice, we also found lighter “dualie” Maxi-blocks (at Wal-Mart) for the 40 amp breakers which are MUCH lighter than the one from the KoP. :stuck_out_tongue:

The tracks are made from a single Polaris 120 XC youth snowmobile track cut lengthwise in two.

We are running old and very used exide batteries, but we were still getting 30-45 minutes of running time.

We’ll try to get some video up at some point.

You had to have paralleled those batteries… are you having any issues with the batteries voltage eqalizing (running high current between eachother) when you plug them in?

Usually the only way to stably put multiple batteries in a system is in series… unless maybe your charging them on the same charger/leave them parralelled at all times?


How about it actually acting like a cooler? Have a little place for a moeny intake and a locking lid untill money is deposited and out comes a frosty beverage?

how fast do you change the batterys during matches?

This isn’t our FRC competition robot, just an interesting off-season project (built to almost FRC-legal standards) that my father and myself built for the team as a public relations robot.

If you look in the main robot picture, there is a front “access hatch” on the robot that uses two polycarb hinges to swing open, allowing for easy access to the batteries and main breaker. This also keeps all the “technical” stuff on the robot hidden from view, which was one of our original design criteria for this robot, as it keeps everyone wondering “how does it do that?!”. :wink:

That is just amazing!! Shows pure dedication and love of FIRST to build that… and Mountain Dew none the less haha. I do wish that was your FRC robot though… would love to see that in competition :cool:

So is the Dew Bot going to be in Atlanta?

Checked the batteries carefully for bad cells, and ran them charging and running as a matched set at all times. This isn’t the final wiring, though. I want to add a second main power breaker and run as an “A” battery source and a “B” battery source. The battery access hatch is pretty tight so I’d rather swap sources by opening one breaker and closing the other. Then we can exchange batteries away from the public’s view.

ROFL… I also noticed that there is no signal light… That thing WILL fail!

And god forbid they use the IFI breaker panel. That would just be bad!

I’m jp. No need to get anyone upset.


I think this is awesome for two reasons:

  1. It is green and I have a weakness for anything green (Go MOE!).

  2. The tracks closely resemble those on my new baby: SWORDS (see pic below).

I think it might be overweight…:smiley:

235# fully loaded - I guess that is a little on the heavy side… :smiley:

Thanks! We saw SWORDS in action on the “Future Weapons” program. We knew we were on the right track! :rolleyes: Pun intended!