pic: Internet at Minnesota North Star Regional

I hope the internet here can handle our stream :stuck_out_tongue:

4K HD all the way!

4K? Why bother with that 4K garbage? 3D 8K is where it’s at!

(Also, 4K and HD are 2 different things.)

Ridiculous internet speed is certainly something to miss about college, yes.

Are you streaming practice matches today?

I really appreciate you airing practice matches.

I really wish we could have aired in HD (our footage is coming from a GoPro, after all) but we unfortunately don’t have the equipment to capture video in HD. Oh well, maybe next year…

For that matter, the production company here gives us the FMS display in SD, so we’d still be limited even with an HD camera.

The FMS graphics could be upconverted and still look pretty decent in HD.

Oh my, the terrible things my team would do for those speeds. Can’t wait to see your streams!