pic: Introducing Captain USA

Since SSS turned out to be a little hefty for a beetleweight, I decided to give him a brother to make an all-American 12lb multibot- Team America: World Police! Captain USA features a quarter-inch thick steel plow and a 1lb vertical bar spinner. As per the usual hit me with them questions/comments/concerns!

That looks like a good start. Vertical Spinners seem to be the meta right now, at least at the higher levels. My worry right now is that it doesn’t look like you are invertable. I would suggest leaving the back of the rear wheels open, so when you are upside down you rest on them and your weapon, like Bite Force.

You need to move your weapon forward. Nothing is going up that wedge in the 3 lb class, learned that from experience.

Why split the weapon down the middle?

How are you driving the weapon? If the answer to this is related to the answer to my first question, you’re gonna have a bad time.

+1 to what Marcus said about your wedge.

Definitely join the Combat Robotics group on Facebook if you can. Lots of really smart people out there who give excellent advice.

I actually have a plan for this, it is just not in the model yet :wink:

Noted. I had this in the back of my mind but havent gotten around to it yet. Also this robot is 6lbs (This and my shell spinner make up a 12lb multibot)

You guessed it! :o Ill definitely tweak the weapon drive around a bit.