pic: Introducing Team 1058, The PVC Pirates' 2014 robot: Raider

Here is our 2014 robot!

Drivetrain: Mecanum drivetrain with each wheel running off of a CIM motor through a 9:1 banebots planetary gearbox. Frame was made in our shop out of I-beams and aluminum plate.

Arm: The arm can go 180 degrees to pickup and shoot on both sides of the robot. The arm is controlled by a CIM motor with a 256:1 reduction.

Grabber: Two paddles made of curved PVC pipe (We had to use PVC somewhere!) and are each controlled by a 1.5" diameter pneumatic cylinder.

Shooter: A custom made pulley is driven by a CIM motor with a 266:1 reduction. That pulley is connected to some steel cable that pulls back a sled along two igus rods and the sled is connected to four strands of .625" spear gun tubing. The cable falls off the pulley on a little cut out of the pulley, which releases the tension on the spear gun and shoots the sled and punches the ball out.

We had one of most successful build seasons yet, and we can’t wait to compete at the UNH and Northeastern district events! Check out our robot at the competitions for some not yet seen additions!

Awesome drive frame!

Looks awesome!

Only in New England do you have to make your frame out of I-Beams.

About how much does the frame weight? Looks great!

If I’m remembering correctly it was about 42 pounds with motors and gearboxes.

Looks good guys, see you at Northeastern

Looks good! It’s cool seeing another 180deg arm with linear punch! :slight_smile:

Best of luck at your events! I’ll be refing at UNH, so I should get to see you there… Hopefully I’ll be able to attend NEU too!

Man. Those I-Beams would have been great back in the days before bumpers!!! :eek:

Looks Rugged!!

How much does it weigh without bumpers and battery?
Looks like it’s pushing the 120 lb limit :ahh:

Just curious

Currently we are at around 117 (however that includes one of those not-yet-seen features). I’d estimate what you see in the picture is about 110.

Great job guys, can’t wait to see it in action at UNH.