pic: Introducing Team Fusion 364's 2017 Dashboard

If anyone would like a custom dashboard made for their team, please contact me by PM. Enjoy!

Does your camera viewer have like embedded MS Paint or something?

Beautiful work BTW

I still don’t get this meme at all. :confused:

Custom dashboards in LabVIEW are so much fun. Just wrote one today that receives stereo audio from the robot using a 100ms buffer of data. Not sure if NetworkTables will update fast enough, but it’ll be essential if we want to drive without line of sight.

Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrtSOTGNqA8 (mild language)

Basically, she tries way too hard to be “street.” Nobody really talks like that.

but why

Well, it all started with that thread about running a robot over school-wide wifi, and out of sight and earshot, and I took it that far. We won’t be using this for competition.