pic: Introducing: The Dozer Hat

Check out FRC Team 2010’s newest member of the team, Dozer!

i love it



I’m sorry. It’s always a tossup between Plowie and Dozer. The students call him Dozer, I call him Plowie…

Can’t please everyone I guess

Dave Lavery (the guy who does the animation) calls him Dozer.

His name is DOZER.

And I have a post to prove it: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1168699&postcount=12

Yup, his name is “Dozer.” Always has been.


I’ll take 7.

I’d buy enough to cover the heads of an entire alliance.
So 12.

I believe you may have inspired people. Prepare for thousands of Dozer hats at Nationals…

Epic hat btw…

Hmm, I may have to up my BLT game for CMP.

Dozer is the blue robot featured in FRC game animations. Plowie isa toaster, cousin to Dozer. (not sure how exactly that family tree works …)

I was operating on the theory of adoption… don’t tell Plowie, he’ll be heartbroken.