pic: Inventor Field

Looks Great! Are you giving out the Inventor files?

Please put the folder of parts on chiefdelphi! PLEASE!:smiley:

I Put the inventor files on here:

go rohit!

617 represent!

good job! I should get the inventor person to start makeing one for our team

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think that the Lanes aren’t divided properly - if blue is the bottom right side in the picture, then their lane should be on the right side, not the left. The way it is now, the robots would be going clockwise, not counterclockwise. Not only that, but the Robocoach would be on the wrong side - woops.

yes, it is my understanding that this is correct, that the team would place their robots right in front of their alliance station, have their robocoaches on the right as well as their overpass.

BEYAAH For Rohit doing something and not getting distracted:ahh:

Can somebody convert the field into STEP files please?

Thank You!

any chance you could post this in a high-res (or email it to me)? I want it for my wallpaper!

Yeah sure. I could convert it to STEP and render a high resolution picture tomorrow (when I get access to my computer)

I uploaded the new files:


(higher resolution)


(STEP file)