pic: Inventor Practice Update


My inventor practice as of today. Decided to make a full robot instead of just a drivetrain. All suggestions from my last upload were added. The shoter is wide enough to launch 4 fuel at once and will be powered by two miniCIMs. Current weight is 54.6lbs

Still to come:
-gearage (maybe)
-various belts/pulleys/motors/gears

Any questions/further suggestions are much appreciated! :slight_smile:

How are you getting the fuel into the shooter? From looking at the model, it seems like they would have to come from outside the bot.

The fuel gets pulled from the bottom of the hopper and into the shooter. I haven’t added that bit yet, but it goes where the bearings under all those spacers that form the arc are.

Just curious, is your wheel well 6" wide in the front to accommodate the 6" minimum bumper length from the corner rule?

I see it now, thanks. The model looks really good, are you thinking of posting the cad when you’re done?

The bumpers themselves will be 6" wide in the corners. Is this illegal?

Thanks! I might consider it :stuck_out_tongue:

They have to be adequately supported. Read the bumper rules very carefully. I am not involved in our team’s cad design, but I know that our team has started to cad the frame with bumpers right from the start and found it super helpful. Less issues later on. (We had years in the past where bumpers were the last thing and finding places to put the brackets was close to impossible. Then once they were placed, replacing bumpers was difficult.)

Edit: Bumper constraints = frame constraints.

No, it’s required. However, be mindful of R31, particularly the part I made bold:

Some angle brackets on the side of the wheel modules that extend in to 6" from the corners would be adequate to comply with the rules.

Thanks! I seemed to have neglected reading that bit…