pic: Inverted 2-CIM Ball Shifter - 1st Attempt

This may be a weird question, but did you use new 10:1 stages or used ones? 115 confused the planet gears on our 10:1 stages with the ones in 9:1s in 2016 leading to unpredictable binding. In the future I’m trying to use only 9:1 and below to avoid issues people have with 10:1s as well as avoid accidentally mixing planet gears that look almost identical, especially after a few seasons’ worth of part migration.

Version 3

Rear View

Front View

Top View

Final ratios are 5:1 in high, 13.89:1 in low. Estimated weight with motors is 8.95 lbs.

Even better… They posted the Einstein revision of their CAD

That’s a fair question…'cause you never know. They were always new (NIB). One further note…attention had to be paid to the ring gear as well…being aluminum. Tooth shards would come off and just make the whole thing worse.

Version 4 - Now with 50% more wiring!

3 Minicim Flipped Ball-shifting WCD Gearbox
Total Mass = 9.9lbs per gearbox

Final Ratios = 4.95:1 High (16.68 ft/s adjusted), 11.25:1 Low (7.34 ft/s adjusted)


Bonus pic:

Offseason design update:

Moved the pneumatic cylinders inside the gearbox frame similar to 2471’s design (elimination of a full plate)

Moved the motors around for better wheel clearance and overall height reduction (eliminates 1 idler gear)

Integrated in-line Versaplanetary encoder (uses 5406’s 3d printed 1/2 hex gear)

Added motor cooling ports with vented set screws in the standoffs similar to 2363 and several others (can replace these with standard fasteners)

Must be used with a chain-in-tube setup.

Onshape link: https://cad.onshape.com/documents/7d176a1beffe32a1e8a63da4/w/87b30fe8ccd3874a3d742841/e/43a44a1d1bed6c90b8777acf

Are these vented set screws super long, going all the way from the motor to the pneumatic fitting? Is the hex standoff threaded or not? Kind of hard to tell what’s going on in there.

It’s a bit hacked together I’m afraid. There are multiple vented set screws inside each fully-threaded standoff (the cad model should show this better). Vented screws are hard/impossible to find above 2". Hopefully some loctite and careful assembly techniques would make it function as desired, but if not, simple 10-32 screws would be appropriate replacements. Alternatively, I suppose you could mill a small slot down the side of a standard bolt.