pic: iPhone and Mobile Device Scouting Web Application

This is an app I wrote that allowed our team to perform scouting duties while efficiently displaying the data in a clean and organized format. This piece of software took me 6+ weeks of the season to code in the language of ASP.net. We demoed the software at the San Diego regional and Hawaii regional.

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wow…my native app just got showed up…hard

anyway…looks really slick good job

I think I know what I going to make our programmer do next year, an FTC version of this!

I am guessing this would run on a few iPod touches?

im pretty sure it is a web app, hosted by a server (could actually be an ipod) and accessed by clients

Yes, it was a server based web app. You could input data from any Windows Mobile phone, Ipod Touch, or laptop via a private wireless network. We had it hosted locally at the regionals and had planned to host it on one of Kiet’s servers in LA for Championships, but didn’t end up going through with it due to the limited number of scouts we had in ATL (zero, actually).

Kiet wrote it specifically to be viewed on the iphone, with the original desire of having 6-8 students with ipods inputting the data. After we were unable to get the ipods donated, it was modified some to work better with any web browser.

The most useful part of it for me was the video feature. In San Diego and Hawaii we had one of our scouting members record each match on a camcorder that recorded native h.264 mpeg4 files. We would then put them immediately onto the server and they would be accessible directly on the iphone. This allowed us to review strategy and quickly watch a teams previous performance in matches to see who we were with and what we were up against. It was pretty neat.

You really have to see it working to truly appreciate all the time Kiet put into this little app. Its quite awesome.

THIS IS AWESOME! We were talking about doing this- buying PDAs or the like and doing handheld scouting, instead of laptops. Do you have this available to download? I’d love to try it. Between iPhones, iPod Touches and other cell phones, I bet we would have 6 to do full scouting.

At this point, the software still has a few bugs here and there, but the overall functionality is in place and working correctly.

I’ve been debating setting up some sort of package with my hosting company to support FIRST teams with webhosting and this scouting app. We’ll see what happens in the near future.

Thanks for the comments!

Kiet, when our scout head first showed me this, I was flabbergasted…
but then got quickly frustrated when I couldn’t get to any of the links on ie or firefox :slight_smile: .

Thanks for all your help to our team, and especially for the server in Hawaii.

So long as whatever input device can get to the internet without use of local wifi, I’d say this is a sure thing. Remember that there will be no wifi at the events next year due to the new control systems.

Very slick looking app.