pic: IR Sensor on a Vex Robot!!


2158 hosted its first annual Programming Workshop for Austin Rookie Teams today, with the final programming challenge being to hook up the IR sensor to the robot and drive it around. It was a great success, and we ended up with a vex robot we can now drive with a TV remote! See the video of the robot in action here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUx2w3J_jDk

wow very cool and i must say good job

That is amazing! After all the threads ive seen about not being able to get the board to work in the first place, you guys actually managed to rig it up to vex robot? I am in awe. Now I cant wait to get in to use ours!

Now that’s what I’m talking about!!!

Thank you very much.
I am a strong believer that just about anything you want to do in FRC can be prototyped in Vex.

Now you have a working code base to use as a model to build code after Kick Off.

How did you attach the board?
details on which one the ground ends up in (black orange white)
and where the signal wires go?

The IR board itself is just Velcroed to the top of the vex controller. The wires coming from pins 5-8 on the IR board are going to the inner pin of 4 digital IO ports on the vex controller. The inner pin is always for the signal line, normally a white wire, though we made ours yellow. The power line is not used, and the ground reference was already the same because we powered the Vex controller and the IR board off of the same battery.

That is sweet now you just need to put it on an FRC bot!!!

So my hypothesis was correct.

A lot of people were asking about how to hook it up to the big robot.

So you just wire up spare PWM’s (white wire) and use the outputs as regular sensors.

that would make sense. i think …IDK im mech.

lol me too…

yea all i know is red goes to red black goes to black and touching a hot iron is a bad idea…yea haha

Ahhh, wisdom. You will go far in life.

so basically for inputting this into a pwm on the rc we’d just use the signal wire? only 1?
i’m mech too lol

yea and you would of thought it would be common knowledge.

You can use just the 1 signal wire if you have a common ground between the IR board and the RC, which we did because we used the same battery to power both devices. This will most likely be the case on your FIRST robot as well.

I’m actually a college student majoring in mechanical engineering, but I do know a bit of electrical stuff, hopefully I explained that well enough.

i’m mech too, but try and learn as much as you can about stuff like this, it will take you a lot further than you think…why you can specialize in 1 area, why not make yourself an uber engineer and learn about everything…

I definitely agree, no engineering task in the real world today involves just one engineering discipline. And, you can’t tinker around building robots by yourself if you only know the mechanical stuff, you’ve got to have a little electrical background too!