pic: IRI 2008: Just Before the Kiss...

Well Paul as our official FIRST expert, was it?

I missed something…

See the threads on the “Kiss the Pig” contest at IRI.

Hahahaha! I never did get around to finding this picture & commenting on it today. Glad you did!

We were so far ahead of the “lipstick pig” trend, whoever wins the election this year should give us a huge grant or something! :cool:

Paul is probably on the phone with CNN right now, or maybe in front of their cameras – explaining the how and why of lipsticking swine. :rolleyes:

From my IRI vantage point, the lipstick did not appear to improve or degrade the pig, or the kiss.

I meant as far as the picture being reposted.

Really, watch the news lately?

Paul is putting lipstick on the pig.