pic: IRI - 33, 111, & 359 Full Rack

This was taken just after Wildstang hung the last tube on the rack.

Thanks for posting this photo.
I’m going to save it and remember this for a long time.

It was special in large part that we were up against a GREAT alliance, who was filling their end of the rack just as quickly in the beginning.
The other alliance was no slouch as we knew that, discussing strategy going into the match.

The fact that tubes were constantly fed to our side, readily available allowed this to happen, with 3 tube auton and minibots…of course. :slight_smile:

This is a moment I will always remember!

Comic Sans

Killer Bees, perfect* score!

(because the holy cows weren’t in this one :rolleyes: )

*Yes, I know that you could technically score 6 ubertubes legally at IRI (3 tele-op, 3 auton) but for practicality’s sake, this was a perfect score.

EDIT(ed): :stuck_out_tongue:

Intents and purposes…

Sorry for the useless post.

As one of the two people handing blue scoring:

Easiest. Match. Ever.

I’m disapointed that I missed this match. Other than 1730, who was on the red alliance?

125, 1730, 910

I’m the operator from 910. That was an amazing match that I will never forget! We knew that it was going to be a very difficult match so we’d have to score a lot… my team put up 2 logos and we were trying for a third but unfortunately all the tubes were on the other side. Then we saw the full racks so it was well worth the loss. Great match. And hey we lost to one world champ and 2 IRI champs so it was cool

I was reffing during this match, but I was down on the red side, so I was watching that side of the field. I was really confused when I heard people start screaming and I looked at that side of the field wondering what was up.

Then I saw the full rack. And it all made sense.

It was really cool to see at the end, unfortunately I was doing my job so I couldn’t watch it happen :smiley:

Is there anywhere I can find videos of all IRI matches, and this one in particular?
If not, at what point on the recorded steam by iHigh can I see the match?

It is match 77. I believe it is around the 1:20 mark of Saturday. I missed it live, but it was awesome to see afterwards.

Thanx for the help, I found it and really enjoyed both the quality of the robots and the excitement of everyone.
It is qualification match 80, and it starts at about 1:24:30 on Saturday’s steam.

BTW a really amazing total score two - 280 points! :smiley:

Did they get all their minibots up too?

Blue got first and second in that race.

Wow these teams are amazing, to achieve the highest possible score that this game has to offer. IRI had the best teams so i was not surprised to see this happen, though it is amazing that 3 teams did it. Again amazing job Killer Bees, Wildstang, and Hawaiian Kids!:smiley:

It is always great to play with great robots but every once in a while, all the planets align and everything just works. You know that Killer Bees are great but the Hawaiian Kids are coming on strong. They are/will be a force to reckon with in the future. Congrats on a great year!

It was even more awesome to be in the drivers’ station :slight_smile:
This was a great match, and we had a fantastic alliance. 111 and 359 are both legends in FRC, and it was fantastic that we had a chance to play with both of them.