pic: IRI Dodgeball - Paul Copioli

Paul sending a poof ball flying. That’s intense.

Yeah Copioli threw one at me in a match and it hit me in the head and OUCH it hurt!!! But its all good, I would give him the best dodge ball arm award!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Camera’s catch the most interesting, embarrassing, and entertaining moments so that you can keep them forever.
This is Exhibit A…

BILLFRED DO YOU SEE THIS. I leave it to you to be a Caption Contest.

I was wondering, is Copioli just an announcer that seams to be wearing a 217 shirt or is he actually on 217. Just wondering.

copioli is the Mechanical guru down with 217, so yes hes is a mentor for them, his brother is the programing mentor.

Sorry about that one Steve. I wasn’t even aiming at you. I was aiming at the guy that fell down in front of you and the ball slipped out of my hand. Dodgeball was great fun and I was glad to play. Didn’t mean to hit you in the face … sorry again.

hey i wish i couldve been there with u guys!! i miss hanging with the thunderchickens… wouldve been awesome!

That’s Paul Copioli? Wait a minute now… than who is this?!? Boy, I’m never going to trust Big… uh, the person who asked for this picture ever again…