pic: IRI: Exploding Bacon with Paul's Gilt

Exploding Bacon with the “lucky” piglet at IRI.

Actually, there was a lot of pig kissing going on at IRI. I kissed the little stuffed pig next to the Team Spirit Trophy. Apparently, this is tradition for 1902 alliance members, right?

someone in this picture seems out of place. coughtimcough

Thanks for posting this. I hadn’t seen it yet.

Yes…kissing the pig is an alliance tradition from our first year. Wilbur needs love.

Tim…fits perfectly in our team. He has joined us as a mentor now that he attends UCF.

Are there any pictures of the pig withOUT Andy? haha

Good job guys, most of you don’t know me yet, but I’m hoping to become a mentor for you guys this coming year.

Where’s the rocket?

Disclaimer: No pigs were harmed in the taking of this picture or the creation of the team’s logo.

when I first saw this thread I thought the title was “exploding bacon with paul’s girl” in retrospect I think the current thread title will make paul’s wife less upset.:smiley: