pic: IRI Fire Drill

Here was the first ever IRI Fire drill. During the day, the fire alarms went off and we were instructed to all go outside. Here are announcers Dan Green and Collin Fultz passing the time away until we were cleared to go back inside.

Well the current story going around about the firedrill is that someone was testing their shooter by shooting balls at the wall and one of those poofs decided to trip the alarm leading to 10 minutes of non-air-conditioned air outside the gym. by the way anyone know what team that was who tripped it?

actually according to Lawrence North Staff member if was the filter on the air conditioner on the other end of the building. I went to high school there and it happens a few times every year

No I think the smoke from the grill triped the alarm because I went down a hallway were they were bringing the chicken in and it was filled with smoke. they were afraid it was going to trip again.

i felt bad for my fellow team member who was in the dog suit…since it was hot in that thing to begin with…then stepping outside! He sure had fun…

Oh well what **I **heard was that it was Karthik’s fault… but hey I think ‘they’ like blaming canadians :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually it was from condensation buildup in one of the rooms,
and that tripped a sensor that is located in the ductwork.

It wasn’t from a poof ball, or the griled chicken, or even Karthik
(even though wny of those could have been a more interesting story)