pic: IRI Talent Show Judges Duck for Cover

During the talent show, a kid from 393 came up and gave his talent of handling a whip. It got pretty crazy up there and scared the first few rows of people and the judges, forcing them to turn the table and hide behind it for their protection (it was a safe act, I think…but I was too busy hiding in the 2nd row of seats).

Dave, I think we’ve found you a new whoami!

As a side note, how did the fish not win? He was most certainly the crowd favorite. Or maybe that was the Simbots with their (and I use this term loosely), rendition, of Tomorrow…

[Edit: I think that my side note was taken the wrong way, it was a joke! Of course I’m supportive of Mitch, you have a fabulous voice dear, and that’s coming from someone who took wayyyyyy too many years of private voice lessons]

That would be something to take up with the judges. Personally, I think the winner of the talent show (Mitch Mounts from 234) outsang and bested any of the acts presented. A kid with a fish head dancing around and some funny parodys vs. an incredible singing voice? In my mind, it’s no contest. But again, I was not a judge.

I know i thought Karthik’s singing was incredible too.

lol yes, quite amazing. That act was great I’m glad someone was able to tape and upload it.

Go fish! I personally thought that he kept running out a bit much, though… we were about to capture him off the stage…
But people loved him, especially the “The fish is never overused. EVER.” and the “Will, you’re off the team!” comments.

Why are the judges ducking for cover, what happen?

Read the caption:

Meh. You were all safe.
Jeremiah does his whip in the tech lab for God’s sake, and he hasn’t broken anything.

(Note: I’m kidding… about the pansy thing.)

By the way:
I saw the “Tomorrow” video on you tube, but did anyone get a video of Dean Simmons and the Kamen Brothers?
Or fish boy?

DSK show, in its entirety: