pic: IRI - Ubertube on net


Since this came up in a thread, I thought I would post this pic. I believe that’s 987 trying to get the ubertube.

This is a true testament to the level of play at IRI. One tiny misstep on an otherwise perfectly played game is all that the #4 alliance needed to trump the #1 seed.

And this is a great example of cosmic irony. We helped win the 2007 Championship by placing a tube on a robot blocking it’s partner and here we suffer the result of NOT having a critical tube on the field when it’s needed…:ahh:

Is it legal to go out of the field perimeter to get a tube?
More importantly, is the net considered part of the “playing field”?

It was discussed in another thread that the net is the playing field…

The 4th alliance DID trump the 1st alliance. I believe you mean to say that IF the 1st alliance would have scored that tube, they would have moved on instead of the 4th alliance (who won the whole thing by the way).

I’m saying the 1st’s misstep is all the 4th alliance needed to win.

Technically a couple of missteps. At least 1 per match and it takes two wins to advance.

The ubertube once on the net is only worth 6 points at best case scenario. There was a 10 point delta in that match. In reality, the #1 alliance was hurting the second that tube didn’t hang in auto. Like chris said though, it is only minor errors that knock you out.

At Championship in 2007, I watched a tube dance on the rubber tip only to fall off and loose the match and thus the #8 alliance beat us in the #1 alliance. That #8 alliance then went on to win the whole thing.

Don’t forget about the precious time both 67 and 987 spent trying to get it down. I think they could have easily scored 2-3 more tubes to tie or win the match in the time they spent trying to get the uber. I think it was absolutely the right decision to attempt to knock it down, but it still adds to the penalty of missing an uber on the net.

But the point remains, any minor mistake or fluke (uber getting stuck on net, 1114 not moving for 1/3 of match, 111 knocking square off, 2122 going to 3138’s tower to deploy) will likely determine matches when all the teams are so evenly matched.

I figured the time they spent trying to get that tube would have resulted in 4 more points on the rack.