pic: Iron Kings FRC5402 2017 Robot

This is the Iron Kings’ 2017 robot. Name TBD.

Some specs:

  • 6WD AM14U3 frame, with 5.95:1 gearing, 4" black HiGrip wheels, and four CIMs.
  • Dual 775pro shooter, with BaneBots 4:1s.
  • AndyMark 2" compliant wheel intake powered by a 775pro on a BaneBots P60 4:1. Riding on blue anodized churro, because when you come up with a product you’d darn well better use it!
  • Custom polycord elevator, powered by a 775pro on a BaneBots P60 16:1 with a sprocket reduction. Riding on red anodized churro, same reasons.
  • Custom beater bar agitator in the middle, powered by the elevator but geared down a bit. Back to blue anodized churro for this one.
  • Fuel capacity: North of 50. We made some late iterations on the storage setup because we noticed dumped loads were developing a void.
  • AndyMark 4" compliant wheel shooter with steel Toughbox gears for flywheel. Right at 18" for that too, because why choke it down?
  • MiniCIM climber, geared down through a GEM500 and a chain stage. (Those are the white pulleys you see at the left.)
  • Static gear holder in the back, not mounted for the picture but we’ll have it.

It’s not perfect, but it’s miles ahead of where this team was last year. We’re looking forward to Tippecanoe this week, Perry Meridian in Week 4, and beyond!

The Iron Kings are sponsored by American Legion Post 415, FCA Foundation, AndyMark, and many many more.