pic: Is anyone else scared...


Is this what high schoolers have done to our beloved pit head?!?!?!?

:ahh: :ahh: the resemblance is startling!! :smiley: thats really funny though… theres nothing wrong with looking like Pee Wee Herman!

I say, If you guys win a medal at Nats make him dress like Pee Wee for a new Who Am I pic.

IF we medal at nationals they will probably make us shave our heads. I guess this will be 229’s new thing. Watch out everyone, here comes the bald headed brigade. :wink:


Look at the good news John, at least no one will want to put “I am Pee-Wee” in their custom title. :wink:

man i thought it was the same person for a second there. lol well if my teams wins medals at nats i will shave my head too. it sounds fun lol