pic: Is this fair?

2004 Woodie Flowers Award winner David Kelso joins in for a round of FIRST Jeopardy. When this category came up, well, enough said.

Well, i think it is definitely fair, seeing as if I remember right, that was the round that Dez and I were partnered up and had about 3,000 points and we still answered most of the WFA questions. haha. Fun times at the FIRST Jeopardy.

and i believe David Kelso got a WFA answer wrong :ahh:

At last year’s IndianaFIRST Team Workshops, Andy Baker and teammate incorrectly answered a question in the WFA category. Another team picked up the points.

They’re human too… so yes, it’s fair. :slight_smile:

Yes he did.

The question was something to the effect of “who was the first new englander to win the WFA”.

He jumped on the question and answered “Who in the world is David Kelso”

correct answer: Liz Calef

Um… the correct answer would be the 1996 winner, Woodie Flowers. Liz won in 1997.

Andy B.

Actually with how the question was worded

This new englander was the first TEAM member to win the WFA.

Who is Liz Calef

Everyone including Mr. Kelso himself was so keyed in on the idea that he would be in one of the questions in that particular game, that it completely threw them off!

In actuality, Dave was the answer to a Battlecry Star question which WFA was mentioned…he wasn’t in the room until after that question had been asked :wink: