pic: Israel regional - the arena

Are there any other fields that are orientated like this? With one end towards the big screen and not in the middle?

Great Lakes was oriented in that direction.

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and yes FLR was the same.

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UTC was also set-up that way.

UTC had thier field set up this way as well *aka perpendicular to the screen as apposed to parrelel…

Boilermaker is also set up like this. It is common.


UTC was set up this way and Philadelphia was set up this way last year.

At UTC they had a small TV on one side of the field so that the alliance not facing the screen could keep an eye on the real time scoring system. As a driver, I never looked at the TV, but when I was facing the screen I would check it to see how much time was left in the periods.

One of the things I wish they would do is to have the LED signs that count down time also count the periods. Instead of displaying “__20” when there’s twenty seconds left in the second period, they should display “2_20”. I think that would help in situations like this.

ditto for Chesapeake

They did the same think at Boilermaker. I found it quite helpful for keeping track of time and for knowing what we needed to do to win the match.

The greatest thing about the field set-up is in fact that it looks exactly like any other FIRST event, no matter where it is held.

In addition to the looks, the event itself has a certain flair and flow, all of which are unique to FIRST.

Kudos to all for making the Israeli event a true FIRST Regional Competition.

Does anyone know if this field is one of the regional fields from the US that was shipped over there or was this field built solely for use over there?

Meh, my team found this orientation at both Chesapeake and Hartford absolutely miserable for tracking a green target especially since the target was projected on the big screen behind it, and I hoped no other event had the same terrible setup.

Just one more thing for the game designers to take in to thought when designing the game, or the logistics people when designing the field layout.

Please, no more big screens behind a tracking target ever again!

The same for Peachtree.
We alway like being on red you could see the score when you were driving.

Yes, it was shipped to Israel (all 3 tons of it)

During the finals rounds I was down on the stage in the background ready to work on the robot and could barely see over the drivers during the match. We were on the end with the projected screen and it was nice to just look up and see the action right there.

At GLR they had this same setup, but the red alliance couldn’t see the screen. So what they did, and were supposed to do at all regionals, was set up a TV off to the side of the field so the opposing team didn’t have an advantage of seeing the score. I particularly like this setup because it gives more seating where you can see the field the best (from the sides).