pic: It seems that DaveL. must've had a chat with my ISP...

I told you it wasn’t a problem with my eyes, see for yourself…:wink:

Photoshop :rolleyes:

This is when you really know we need the FIRST season to start up again.

Photoshop? I could do that with Paint… :rolleyes:

I promise, no photoshop. The applications bar was greyed out (notice no CD program running in the taskbar) and the tme was changed as well as the URL being whited out, but I did that with bitmap :stuck_out_tongue: , I dont have photoshop…

The red lettering was in the original screen shot though, go to www.comcast.net and try to figure out how i did it. (PM me if you give up and want to know how, or I’ll post the answer later).


It’s simple: Download the page, open it in your favorite text/WYSIWYG editor, and change the caption.

Actually, Its easier than that…The text is in the url :smiley: .

  • is a space
    %2E is a period
    Text is just that…that’s the only trick I used.

It would’ve looked better if the .jpeg compression from bitmap hadn’t put that haze around the wording and numerals…