pic: It was always meant to be!

hmmm…what exactly is going on here? Some kind of hybrid maybe? Some unholy combination of catastrophic proportions?

Not quite GP, but I wonder how well a robot would do that is build to look like a tralier and confuse the drivers. You would have to find a color type for the main mast that tricks humans not cameras though.

id have to say, that is one pimped-out trailer.

looks like a training set up for the human player . . or X to the Z came and Pimped your Rid . .trailer.

I threw out a trailer look-a-like robot design as a joke during the design process. It got a lot of laughs, it would be fun to see one out there for a practice match or something just to see how big of an effect it would have on the out come of the match.



Makes me realize what a fine looking trophy it would make … IRI?

What makes you think this is a competition robot? This could be a robot built to move the trailor so they can practice driving and scoring balls, and have the human player score. This would be great practice because this will move better than a robot attached to a trailor, so when they actually get to competition, it will be easy to score.

That’s what I was thinking. They can then “downgrade” to a robot with a trailer when they have a running robot, and use the practice trailer again after Ship Day.

SHINY! :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you using this to practice the game, to confuse other teams, or something else?

Interesting idea about building a robot that looks exactly like the trailer, you could also have 2 sets of bumpers depending on each alliance. Also make sure that your robot trailer is an exact image with the competition one.

hmmmm sounds like a good idea.

Replicating the vision target is illegal according to rule <R02>-C

This means that any “trailer bot” would be missing a vision target or would have to use a substantially different colored target. If a robot can tell the targets apart then I sure hope my driver’s can!

The trailer looks better in metal.

If it is a practice trailer, good idea. I like it.

Also, the target on the trailor is ~85 inches tall, the robot can only be 60 in tall. It will not be difficult at all to tell the differance between the robot and the trailor.

tehe, its probably about time for me to just come out and tell ya’ll…

The pic was just a prank ^.^

Although I did like the idea of mounting it to a driving base just to give human players some practice, it sounds like a great way to put slackers to work!

I posted another pic of what our robot will actually end up looking like. Its essentially a hurdler.

I believe that there are products which can be applied to thins and make them black to cameras, but clear to our eye. I have seen catalogued a spray that you can spray on your license plate to prevent being photographed by a camera speed checker.

There are ways to make things look brighter to a camera like the Axis, but not darker.

I have seen catalogued a spray that you can spray on your license plate to prevent being photographed by a camera speed checker.

As the Mythbusters showed, such sprays do not work as advertised.