pic: It's a Monster for sure - Team 968's practice robot

Here is a picture of our 2006 practice robot in our newly acquired practice facility - a former good guys store, hence the giant Monster sign on the robot. It was taken from one of the Monster Cable signs that was still left in the store. The colors inside the store are red, gray, and black. How appropriate!

WOW! one beast of a machine! Especially watching it in action. Its just a treat to watch 254 and 968 score all those balls. Once again, amazing work (254+968) guys. Good Luck at LA and Nationals.

Goodness, that’s a lot of balls!

Remember, sharing is caring! :wink: (I kid, I kid.)

1604 can hold a similar number of balls. after attending the UCF regional, I don’t believe we ever held more than 12 at one point. It is just nice to say we can hold that many.

I forgot but who’s the triplet from this robot?
I remember 254 is blue, 968 is black and i remember seeing a red version of this bot. Am i wrong?

I’m guessing 60 will be involved again?

We didn’t collaborate with 60 this year.

The all black one is Travis’ practice robot.

this is their practice robot; from the picture shown earlier, i believe that their competition robot is painted red.

True, but they are both powder coated. :slight_smile:

Sorry to correct you Cory, but the all black one ISN’T “Travis’ practice robot”. It actually belongs to the entire team (despite what Travis thinks! :rolleyes: ).

And yes, the all red one is the competition robot. We liked the way they both looked - made it hard to decide which one to send!

These machines still seem to lack the funnel the Cheesy Poofs added to their ball collection mechanism at PNW. Did y’all find a new way to solve the problems you they were having?

Correct, it has a significantly different funneling mechanism which removes one of the ABS rollers and adds a window motor agitator. Performance is on par with their robot at SVR. You can see the funnels at the bottom. They are made of 2x4’s and masonite on the practice robot. :wink:

Can we see the monster in action?

Of course. Just book a flight to the Great Western Forum on March 23-25. :slight_smile:

Although any videos beforehand might be nice.

There is a video of it online somewhere. I’ll let you guys look for it if you are really interested.