pic: It's All About the Hook


did you make those?
if u got them, where from?

6 hooks aye? … if 1-5 fail 6th time is a charge I guess? lol

I can’t wait to see your gripper mechanism it looks like it’ll be pretty cool

We are cool like that…

…LOL, just kidding.

One of our mentors owns American Aircraft (an airplane part making company, very technical terms of course).

The parts for the hooks were water jetted, i believe. Each hook is two parts that fit together like puzzle pieces, we are welding them right now so they are each one strong unit.

Yes…I’ll take one, it will fit perfectly on our robot. Please thank the machinist.

j/k lol. very cool.

I think they serve as spares. Also, there are three different thicknesses there based on weight and/or structure needs.


Going shark fishing? :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you going to attach the hook to an arm on the robot or do you have some other means to deliver the hook to the bar?

Man, all we’ve got is a couple bicycle holder hooks. By the way, the bar’s 2", right?

well its pretty awesome… my only question tho is…

Where the hook gonna be?

Or do you even need a hook on this b …ot?

Ohh man I’m horrible :-\


…ok, ive decided, ur cool. :stuck_out_tongue:

What are you talking about mary… Dan’s ALWAYS been cool!! :cool:

The hook will be attached to the end of our arm. We will deliver it to the bar with the arm, and then pull ourselves up (there will be a steel cable running to our robot) with a Fisher-Price motor and a ratchet.

cough suck up cough
…ahem, 'scuse me.

that sounds like its gonna rock… I can’t wait to see you guys at nats

and I hope your singing your new found theme song :slight_smile:

:stuck_out_tongue: lol

shudders, and pictures the FP gears getting destroyed Cool design, but given my past experiences w/ the FP motors i cant imagine they’d be the best to use for a winch. Thats jus my opinion, anyways good luck this year.

Just in case you’re confused. The bar is 2" Schedule 40 steel pipe. The 2" refers to the nominal INSIDE diameter. Schedule 40 refers to the pressure rating, which determines the wall thickness. The OUTER diameter of the pipe is roughly 2.375". For safety’s sake we’re assuming 2.5".

Bending our welded hook at a competition would be a real pain.