pic: It's all over...


This is the lift that finished off the Boilermaker Regional finals.

Not a single tube was scored. 234 and 1730 climbed on top of their lifting robot 1555 with enough time for the lead screws to slowly lift up their robots.

Thanks 1730 and 1555!!! You guys were amazing and we were lucky to be on your alliance. That was the most amazing competition that I have ever seen us be a part of. I can’t thank you guys enough! :smiley: (And I hope that you guys on 1730 can get that arm up and working again!) Good luck!

461, 1023, and 1747, you guys put up quite a fight and it made for some very intense finals. I know that we all started to get a little anxious when we saw that second match score come up. Thanks for the great competition.

Nice pic, it kinda reminds me of this one.


One of the best moments of my life!

Beaten by the ramps…both times :frowning:

Oh well, maybe we can finally get that banner next year… :cool:

Thanks to 1555 for there great lift.

You guys were awesome at GLR and Boilermaker, I really feel bad about your robot coming so close and then losing in the finals for both. Team 573 has a lot of respect for you guys and I’m sure that next year you guys will do great.

This regional was a very tough one to compete in and it was amazing to watch. All the teams were amazing and it was a tough competition. Thanks to teams 234 and 1555 for being on our alliance and helping us succeed to win. Best of luck in Atlanta, and we’ll be looking forward to seeing you down there. Thanks again.