pic: It's been a good year

Winners at Oregon City and Wilsonville
Finalist at PNW Champs and Galileo
Chairman’s at Oregon City

…and that’s just your second year as a team…absolutely incredible.

It was an honor, guys.

Thanks a lot. You guys and your entire alliance were great to play against, and it was a hard fought 3 matches. We were honored to see you guys make it to Einstein, and hope to see you all you guys at worlds next year.

Fantastic season and robot you guys, it was a real pleasure to play with you for a match at worlds. I had a great time working with your team. Best of luck in all your future endeavors!

4488 looked great in Galileo and performed like a veteran team all weekend.

You guys have an extremely bright future and are an arriving Powerhouse.

We had three extremely hard fought and intense matches. Sorry for celebrating early on you guys. We thought we had it there at the end of the second match. Should have waited for the scores…

Congratulations on an incredible season! I look forward to following your assent to FRC greatness. Hopefully we will get a chance to work together in the future.


Congratulations! You guys did incredible! Playing against you at the district championships were some of the hardest matches we played all year. It’s really awesome seeing PNW teams make such a substantial mark at the world level. Hopefully we’ll see you again, but this time on Einstein!

Great team, great season. I know that more than one individual on our team was inspired just by being next to you guys in the pits on Galileo. Easily one of the best young teams in FRC.