pic: It's good to have a To-Do list.


The best way to get organized is with to-do lists. Erase them as you do them, and then add more. A big white-board is great for to-do lists

Team 177 is a firm believer in lists :slight_smile:

We do a separate list for every sub-team, short term and long term goals. It’s helpful in establishing work for people to accomplish. Usually the lists start with “find this person” :slight_smile:

MOE is all about lists and spread sheets and stuff like that, It makes the build a lot easier when you have an attack plan.

Last year we were really unorganized, so this year we’re trying new stuff. We have meetings at the beginning and end of each real meeting so we can go over our progress and make an agenda for the next meeting

We used to just know what we had to do until half way through the build season then we made a to-do list and things just starting getting done faster. Thumbs up for the to-do list!!!

Ah yes. The infamous “Find Matt.”

Exploding Bacon purchased a white board for Dans garage this year…hes so happy!!

We have started making many lists.

We’ve never actually sat down and done a To-Do List, but I’ve always wanted to. In fact, I make my own to-do list, and then chase after my kids to get it done. It works out, because I have a focus, and whether the kids are aware of it or not, they end up getting a TON done.

whiteboards all the way. expect with ours, they dont clean very well as they were never cleaned since last build seson…but they’re nice anyways