pic: It's good to have Nike as a sponsor...

28952 New Israeli Shekels, which are Approx. $7856, in Nike balls.
Each one is $162. We got them for free :slight_smile: !..

Thats awesome. Brand new too?! I wish my soccer team would have had that many of world class balls. Atleast you guys put em to good use.

WOW! I wish I had one of those just to use as a soccer ball. Hopefully your robot doesn’t destroy all of them. Just a word of warning, those might be easier to kick then the ones at the competition (aka they will travel further).

Not being much into soccer, $162 for a ball seems, er, excessive?
Are these something like super duper professional balls or something?

Sweet, in any case!:slight_smile:

We did our first testing with the only ball I have… a $200 official Coca-Cola Championship League ball… not meant for robots, only grass and feet. Needless to say, its no longer as pretty as it was.

They are :D.

I could name several individuals both on and off of our team who would just love to be you guys right now!


That is so Awesome! Congrats and good luck this year! :slight_smile: