pic: It's great making new friends at the park!

Look I won an X-Dawg!

OK, here is one that just screams out “PLEASE USE ME FOR THE CAPTION CONTEST!!” ** Also, I may have just found my new desktop image!


** (I have already thought of at least a dozen different permutations of “Koko-Ed is about to expereience what it is like to be a statue as X-Dawg plays pigeon” that can be used)

Actually, Dave, it didn’t scream anything on my iBook. In fact, it was so quiet that I had to actually look at the picture to throw it in the hopper for a later contest! :wink:

(Alright, lemme guess…the 2007 FRC game will now be Whack the Billfred.)

I dunno about screaming but I hear barking -

EDIT - I’ve never seen an M&M machine before - that is way cool. M&M Peanuts rock.

I think that this is the best photo of Koko-Ed I’ve ever seen. I never knew that cats and dogs could get along so well. When I first saw this photo, my speakers blew up due to immense screaming because this is a perfect photo for the Caption Contest. Like Dave, I also made it my desktop image :smiley:

that dawg do not look happy

where were you at Koko Ed?

I bet he was at 6 flags darian lake. The question I want to know is how many times you had to play whatever game to get that dog after you saw it.

for some reason i think its Hersheys…?

He’s at Darien Lake. Hersheypark removed their Huss Enterprise and does not have a Skycoaster.

(Yes, I’m that much of a dork.)

We have a couple candy bar machines at my school, I know of the M&M’s one, and the other I know of might be Reese’s Cups? but yes they are teh cool.

Yes I was at Six Flags Darien Lake (and M. Krass called it. They’re up for sale)and it took only one shot at the guess my age game to get the dog (the guy thought I was 34. They always think I’m younger than I am). It was Wilson Magnet’s last day of school trip down the park. I got to break in their newest ride The BIg Kahuna (it’s like riding down a waterslide in a kiddie pool).

I’m going to jump on the bandwagon and make this one of my desktops at work. Along with multiple CADs, pictures of 842’s MATE robots, random other cool looking robots, and a couple of Dave Lavery photoshops. (Macs are great, the computer I’m on has dual monitors, each with a different desktop that changes randomly to another picture in a certain folder)

That has to be the cutest thing I have ever seen. :stuck_out_tongue:

I love your hat!

I also cant stop stareing at the rock wall behind you…

Did you take him on the roller coaster? Buy him hot dogs and cotton candy and then take him on the Tilt a Whirl till he got sick?

Six Flags is a Pepsi powered park… Isn’t it? What’s up with the Coke Machine?

I’m more surprised at how not crowded it is… never see a day like that at Cedar Point (or at least when I go…)

$5 to climb it (a good indication why people don’t like Six Flags. You pay like $40 to get in and still have to pay for certain rides).

I don’t do Roller Coasters.
That sensation of my internal organs wrapping around my spinal cord is not what I call invigorating.