pic: It's raining in the machine shop!

Well, it rained quite a bit today, and we came in to find a very leaky school machine shop. We used KOP boxes and trash cans as drip buckets.

Aw. We’ve had water from the weather in our shop before. Lots of clean-up and drying out involved.
Hope everything is ok with you guys.

be grateful that you even have a machine shop! we have an old classroom and in previous years have had the weight room (even smaller)

I feel for you. Our robotics barn isn’t insulated around the bottom, so every time it rains water comes in through the bottom of the walls. We’ve also had the hill behind the barn come down on the wall with all of the machines on it, so we know what this is like. Best of luck dealing with all that water, and here’s to hoping your equipment isn’t damaged.


We have about 20 small leaks in the roof of our building, and two large ones. Both the large ones drip right into our machine shop area, with one right on top of your head if you operate the mill near it from a certain position.

It’s pretty annoying.

well, i’d rather have rain than below zero temperatures

Yep, our CNC shop has a nice little stream coming in under the rollup door and the manual shop next door has a nice little pond around the bridgeports (from the ceiling).

One of the classrooms that has our computers had a leak from the hot water heating system. Pink antifreeze soaked the carpet and some paperwork, but luckily no computers were harmed. It has been cleaned up, but still smells of antifreeze.

Hey 294… I thought the several inches of rain we got a year was bad… but it actually rains here in SLO… really scary. Behind our shop is flooded (up against the wall), and is slowly leaking in.

Well that isnt good at all. Nice idea use KOP boxes

Aww, when I saw the title I was hoping it would be like, a picture of a mill spewing a geyser of aluminum shavings across the room or something.

…and using space heaters while working in an unheated garage with 4 feet of snow outside…


True dat!! I would love for some rain!!

Well, if you remember one of the first things we told you was that the roof leaked. If we’d mentioned the flooding thing you might have run away. :rolleyes:

Over here its raining on and off for the past 4 days. I mean common its central calli!:mad: so far we havent had much leekage though, hope you dont have any replacement problems for your work shop.

Um, is that what they meant by “running water”? :ahh: