pic: It's the BOOMBOX

Here is team 1345’s 2006 robot. We had a great time with her for the past 5 weeks. Finally she is ready to go out there and play the game.

Things to do on the list:

  1. Practice, practice, practice … if the robot breaks, let it break now… not at the competition.


… The BOOMBOX says “See you at Florida Regional.”

sweet looking bot arefin. Wheres those omni wheels?

Thanks Alex. UMMM I like these better than the omni wheels. =)


you guys goign for the ramp? plus how do those kit wheels in the front work?

Ooooooo, it’s pretty! And colorful! Team 1504, take note, functionality and prettiness can be combined!

very nice and awesome. Are the balls you pick up from the floor able to be shot, or just the ones thrown in by the human loader?

Yes we can drive up the ramp
The floor balls are for the corner goals
The ones thrown in by the human loader are able to be shot

Alex, which wheels are you talking about? The 4 wheels in the middle shoot out the balls from the basket loaded by the human loader. The wheels on the bottom suck in balls and spit them back out into the corner.

And everything works, so far =)

Adding to Neha’s post…

We didn’t feel the need of shooting more than 15 balls during one match (10 balls when you start and 5 what you get from human player, you can get more). Also the matches go by pretty fast. Let’s do a calculation. Say if we put in 12 balls out of 15… thats 36 points, say we put in 10 balls in the corner goal… thats 46, and we get up the ramp thats 51 points from one robot in the alliance. I personally think that is a lot of points being offered from one robot (not just because this is my team). I know there are teams out there who are getting ready to score more than 70, 80+ points out there. Consistency is the key.

well nice to see the final robot… it was looking great from what i saw originally… but again great job to the team!! i can’t wait to see you all playing at the Florida Regional. good luck!

btw i love the artwork. i wonder why. but anyrate… who ever drew that design up…great job…hats off to you


Beth is right, it is colourful! And it looks really good. I wish I could see it in action :slight_smile:

p.s. I’m not happy about all the green grass and trees in the background…no fair!!

thats an awesome looking robot, but when you are on the ramp do you risk a tip over if you get hit or bump into something,

No we don’t, we distributed the weight well.

man, we should have put all of us in the pic too to show you our attires… t-shirts, shorts, flip flops… oh wait, that just makes it worse, doesn’t it?

side note: the camera works too! (thanks to a lot of help)

nice very nice… how are you getting the balls up from the sweeper to the top, or am i missing something?

nope, the mechanisms are separate. The sweeper sucks in the balls and spits them out to the corner. The basket at the top takes in balls and shoots them. They aren’t connected

I see that the balls are fed from the storage area up top to a queing area leading to the shooter. Do those balls get stuck at all? Great job on the robot, can’t wait to see you at the competitions.

GO 1403!!!

Nope… they don’t get stuck, we had that problem of getting stuck at the end of week 2. But we figured out the problems and made a track where the ball sits in and funnels down to one ball.

arefin arefin arefin. got videos?

Got few of them… but they are all from week 2 and 3 (with the ugly bot), I am going to get a video done either tommorrow or tuesday, and share it with the community.

Very interesting. Any videos of it shooting?

I see a CMUcam.