pic: It's the BOOMBOX

see post above. asap, promise.

yes the cam is up. we’ll test the auto code and some other spiffy functions tomorrow that have to do with the camera. =)

that is a very sexy bot. and very well put together. awesome job you guys! :slight_smile:


sweet. 6Wd Forever!

Looks great you guys, how are you doing for wieght?

according to our skewed scale, we are under 120

our scale tends to read more than we really are so we’ll find out for sure this sunday. But we are 95% sure there is no problem.

Sweet machine 'Fin and Neha! I presume the wheels were for this bot then, right?

Awesome job. Truly awesome

Yes those wheels were for this bot. THANK YOU!

Saweeeeet arefin :smiley: wow great job that looks really cool


6 wheel drive shooter, a giant box-looking hopper, awesome design, good one to ya Arefin, look forward to seeing it in action =], btw, im like tired and looking at this picture, what is the accuracy like, and i didnt see a camera =] peace

i lack photoshop so i used ms paint.

great job guys :smiley: good luck during the comp’s

Do you have problems with balls bouncing out of your ball-catcher?

We used to have problems when we had plywood, cardboard, and signs over there until we replaced it with 1/16th lexan. It works better than before. It doesn’t bounce out as much. But Neha says it still bounces out.

Arefin, Neha and the rest of 1345, congratulations on the boombox. When you told me about your plans I was confident you’d pull off a great bot. Nice job - I am impressed. I am VERY jealous of the weather though. Come here and help me shovel.

No offense, but you made a mobile Sizing Device! How much clearance do you have? Looks good! Cant wait to see how it operates!

cool, I like the hopper, easier for humun elements to throw balls into, us? we have a 8 by 25’ hole.

As I promised before, here is a video of the robot.. Enjoy…

… keep in mind that the video isn’t completely done, students are working hard to get a documentary done for the 6 weeks of build season. As soon as they are done, it will be on Platinum Dragon’s website. After the submission date, I will post a link to the Platinum Dragon’s website.

looking very good! I enjoyed the video, very cool guys.

That’s fast. Looks like a great bot adding to the competition in FIRST this year.