pic: Jack K. at Ramp Riot


  • Flower Power - the real deal. :slight_smile:

Looking good, Jack!
Glad to hear everyone had such a great time.

Jack was one of the coolest refs I’ve met :D. It was great to see you having such a great time and Ash and I are looking for a way to put up the video of that Cha Cha Slide :).

Ramp Riot 07 was a great time and I’m already looking forward to next year.


Cha Cha is my FAVORITE and I can’t believe I missed out on it! (and that my husband DIDN’T!) :frowning:

That’s one BIGflower child!

Oh he rocked the Cha Cha slide for sure!!! lol. he’s awesome at it… you’ll see once that video gets up =P