pic: Jack-O-Bot

Family pumpkin decorating night at Marlborough School. I swear the boys picked the theme this year.

Everytime there was an evil member of the crew in star trek (with exception of the females) They had a gotee, so i say to you Kres, if thats your real name, what have you done with the real kres

All I can say is…
I was really confused for a second. Good look though big guy.
Oh Kressly…you better be coming up to BE!

I really like the pumpkin. Great job guys!
The nose is cool looking.


Awesome photo. I know you were getting some heat for not being at the Duel, but having two kids myself, it’s important to share moments like this.

Way to go. Great Jack-O-Bot! I’m sure we are looking at two future FIRSTers in this photo (and I don’t mean the one leaning down and the one with the goatee). :smiley:

So Kres, as Big Mike mentioned, are you trick or treating as the evil Spock from the Mirror Universe?

So THAT’S where the missing sprockets went… :smiley:

That would be highly illogical…

I heard he’s going as well adjusted member of society… Definitely a change for Kres :stuck_out_tongue:

When are your boys starting thier own JFLL/FLL/FVC/FRC team? Come on Kres, get them before they are old enough to say no! :wink:

The JFLL team is already registered and the kit and display board are in the house. As for the speculation about my costume, you and John have fun with your thoughts. While it’s true I’d never be recognized in a well-adjusted normal person role, there’s something about alien life forms the is interesting. Heck, I’ve made friends in weird places like Joisey and Delaware … anything is possible.

At least they’ll smell good when they come back…