pic: Jaine and Dave Lavery

Here is a picture of myself and Dave Lavery, probably snapped between finals matches on Newton Field. Thanks Linnea for taking the picture!

hey dave… nice safety glasses!! :wink:

whisper jaine, you forgot the nerd shirt whisper

ummm… I know who Jaine is, but who’s the chap on the left?? :slight_smile:

Dave, you do know that if you don’t wear your safety glasses and something happens, you may never be able to SEE another Krispy Kreme again! Think of the horror! :ahh:

Now is Dave really that tall or is Jaine short? It almost looks like she’s standing next to Brandon Martus…in 30 years. :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks like Dave is on a Segway (see bottom left of the picture)

I was surpised too that Dave didnt have his safety glasses on while down on the field. Tisk tisk Dave…
Although I am even more surpised that I DID… I have this horrible habit of taking them off without realizing it.

Yes, he was on a Segway. I am 5’7"… so I am not that short… I dont think. :stuck_out_tongue: