pic: Jake Blues Front

Here is the front of Jake Blues, the TechnoKats 2009 robot.

This was an incredible machine, and it was no fluke it won every single match it participated in during the DC regional.
A quick testament to it’s (and the fan’s) power. When we faced 45 in the semi-finals, we opted to essentially “ignore” 45 during the second match (although that can only happen to a certain degree in this game) aside of trying to avoid being pinned by them. Their fan simply made them too fast and powerful to deal to outrun, try to pin, or play a whole lot of defense on. Instead we opted to try to slow down their alliance partner 234. Ultimately we were still bested, by a wide margin.

Nice, I wish we had the room to add a fan. Man that thing looks like a beast. Wish there was video of the matches up already (jk, i know everyone is working on it, thanks btw to the uploaders).

After today I am really dissappointed that that the only regional we’re going to is BMR… where 11, 45, 234, 931 will all be. All regional champs

Edit: Whoops! meant 111

Who says you can’t pair up with them and take it all? Figure out which robots works the best with you guys and impress them the entire regional and you might have a good chance of playing Saturday afternoon.

Anyone have a video of this thing in action?

11 isn’t a regional champ…YET

…In Due time, can’t wait to see 11 and 45 at Nationals.

That was a amazing regional! I’m still in shock on how big the fan is

They also won’t be at BMR. I believe he meant 111.

Okay… a fan drive bot. Kewl!
Congrats on the wins and build such a tough bot to beat.
Good luck with the rest of the season!

-p :cool:

Does one notice the gyroscopic effects of the rotating mass when driving this robot (and others involving large fans)?

Looks good guys… I like the safety cage, doesn’t block a lot of air but keeps those pesky appendages out at the same time.

I can’t speak for 45, but 665 has a 22" fan on the back, and during practice driving, I couldn’t notice or feel any gyroscopic effects on while moving.

The robot does seem to turn better with the fan though, we believe it’s because of the momentum you have going into the turn. I’m not one to question the magic of the props though.

I’ll be interested to hear if 45 has any comments on their fan drive with gyroscopic forces and the like.

-Greg P.

Don’t forget about 1747 who went undefeated and won the Buckeye Regional. BMR should be an intense competition this year.

Jake’s propeller has no noticeable gyroscopic effect. Though it’s spinning at over 2000 RPM, it has very little mass.

Not entirely fan driven. 45 has an excellent and robust “regular” drive system as well. The fan is used during the match when quickness and precise turning are necessary - which was quite frequently during elimination matches. As Sean said earlier, simply too strong and maneuverable for most at the DC Regional to play head-to-head against.

Awesome bot and a great bot to watch on the Regolith! Fast, powerful, and manueverable - the Kats came up with a great solution for Lunacy. Best of luck (if you need it) over the rest of the season.

There’s another important time where quickness is imperative – the first few seconds of a match. Even with the time it takes to spin up to full thrust, the extra boost from the propeller gets the TechnoKats’ robot out of easy targeting range in a jiffy. I haven’t gone over the video yet, but I don’t think I ever saw more than two moon rocks thrown into Jake’s trailer during autonomous, and it seemed that half the time the trailer was empty until well into teleoperated.