pic: Jane and Jane-Doll at the 2011 Dallas Regional

Jane-Doll and I helped the team compete at the 2011 Dallas Regional. One of our seniors was awarded the $1000 BAE Scholarship at our Senior Salute on Friday night. Saturday morning, she asked me to take a picture with Jane-Doll. This is for her. :slight_smile:

This is cool. :cool:

Will Jane-Doll make an appearance at St. Louis? I’d like to get a photo with her, too!

Jane-Doll should be accompanied by Flat Henry. That, as the kids say, would be epic.

Jane-Doll will be traveling to St. Louis. She is very excited.

Richard, you are inspecting, correct?

Mike, Flat Henry is staying home in Austin with me this trip. We’ll see what we can do for 2012 though.

You guys… I swear. :slight_smile:


p.s. I was thinking this would become my WAI but I think my head would be cut off so - this isn’t the most brilliant decision I’ve ever made. Jane-Doll agrees.

So is 3-D Henry going to St. Louis? It’s only fair.

There was a Flat Richard several years ago – life-size cardboard cut-out of my CD avatar – that the 931 students used for Aim High target practice! Talk about inspiration! Their range and accuracy improved noticeably when given the right incentive!

Jane – yes I am inspecting. Not sure which division, yet. Volunteers go where we are needed.

Please let me know which division you will be in and I’ll be sure to let Jane-Doll’s friends know where to bring her to meet you.

I think Mike is talking about the little Flat Henry that I carry in my purse. :slight_smile: He is a sketch I made of my 3-D Little Henry that is spoiled rotten - and beyond.

Jane-Doll and Flat Henry are both curious and enjoy everything that has to do with our robotics competitions. It makes them happy to meet people and share their special moments with them.

[size=]I have no idea how any of this has happened, actually.[/size]


Jane, I’m glad you told me how to tell the difference between you and Jane-Doll :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, and it is true.