pic: Jason actually working

I don’t remember exactly who said it but they also took a picture of Jason touching the robot. And he mentioned no, “don’t do it while I am working because I don’t do it.” So of course I had to turn around and get the camera out to take a picture.

i witnessed this conversation happen. it was very amusing. he rarely ever touches the robot, along with the mentors. we want the kids to do it all. so the mentors just stand back and make sure the kids do not start destroying things :yikes: .

exactly. Then about 2 seconds after i took this he came out and talked to me. I was surprised he didn’t ask to see the camera to delete the picture. haha. It’s always great to see the rochester teams in the champs!

The mentor on G.R.R. was sooo cute. What a happy man…

I never figured you would actually post this picture. I do have video of our kids doing a complete tear down & rebuild of the robot on Thursday morning. This picture was taken around lunch time after they had just about finished. I sent them to eat so they could take a break. I say a couple bolts that needed tightening & figured I would help they out. Other thatn that the kids let me hold a couple belts while they worked. I am so proud of them. We finally got inspected around 5PM.
As for you Alex, I will get you back.

Starke, you know its not that I don’t ususally touch the robot but that the kids don’t LET me touch the robot.

interesting. I will now show up at the local events unkown.

i was trying to put it in a nice way Rees :slight_smile:

kids do not start destroying things :yikes:

no we are there so you can’t destroying things