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My last WAI was almost two years old so I decided it was about time to update it.

I took this today as I was standing in front of the Railroad Museum of New England storage yard. Behind me are two RS-3’s. New Haven #529 has been on the property for years and is used to pull the excursion trains and light freight on the line. The ex-New York Central in front of the New Haven is a recent aquision for them and hasn’t been used for service yet, awaiting it’s blue card. There’s nothing like the distinctive sound these old Alco’s have when they’re running.

Ooh, by any chance, do they have any NY, NH & H Alco PA-1s there?

Below I attached some more photos of additional equipment they have.

They don’t have any PA-1’s currently. They did have a FA-1 on the property but they sold it to a private collector in Tennesse. They had acquired the FA from a short line Canadian railroad. It was blue and yellow and the railroads name had been blacked out and I don’t know of any Canadian roads off hand that had that scheme. The blue and yellow was lighter than the scheme used by the Chessie System.

They do have several EMD units and a single General Electric that are painted in the NH McGinnis scheme. The EMD’s began life as a possibly an F-7 (not sure on that one) and F-9 but have been rebuilt in the 70’s for cummuter service so they no longer hold those designations although the car bodies are still a F-7 and 9. They also have a GP-9 that has been restored in the B&M scheme. These units are in rotating service same as the NH RS-3 #529.

The bad news is that the GE U25B #2525 is no longer in service. It was fully restored and saw service for about a year before being in a collision with a string of parked heavyweight passenger cars. They believe someone snuck onto the property at night cut a lock and threw a switch. The next morning it was pulling a passenger train when it hit the switch and went onto the siding hitting the parked cars. No major injuries but the Uboat sustained heavy damage to the rear. The cat walk is crushed, the M.U. plugs along with the railing were torn off, and the prime mover was dislodged from the motor mounts. The museum doesn’t have the money and facilities to repair the frame and prime mover. Last I heard if by some chance the funds become available it would be moved to the Stratsburg Railroad Museum in Pennsylvania for repairs.

I also included a pic of some of the heavywieght passenger cars they have that are awaiting restoration. They have 5 or 6 completely done but they weren’t in the yard when I was there.

Here’s a link to thier website. If I had more time I would donate some of mine to help them with the equipment. The bad thing is currently with my job I had barely enough time for my team this year.



I guess I’m not the only person on these boards who enjoys railroading. :slight_smile:

This area of the RMNE (Naugatuck River RR) is the same area I’ve been modeling on my 1960s-era N-scale layout for some time now. But the past few years I haven’t been able to do much besides build / kitbash a bunch of buildings (mostly factories), because of FIRST. :rolleyes: Someday I’d like to get a few more locomotives, like the RS-3, because all I have right now are two GP7’s lettered for New Haven.

Hey Jay, if you don’t mind I’m sure the folks would like to see your model train display.

I can throw a link up to those pics you sent me of it that I took if that’s ok with you.

Let me know.

Go ahead. I’m on the wrong computer right now otherwise I’d attach pics of the layout in my basement.


Those are the pics I took with Jay’s camera, and had him send me.

Jay can give more detail about the layout(s) if he wants to.

I took the close-up picture of the purple Merc because we have one of those in the family. The next pic after all the train display pics is the real thing.

Oh, and speaking of that car model Jay, if your Dad sees another one of those same Merc models in the same color at his store, have him pick me up one and I’ll pay you back, or let me know and I’ll get some cash to you to cover it.

The first few photos are of my HO layout. It’s a 13’ x 9’ “L” shaped layout with a staging yard on the upper level. In one of the pics you can see I built it around the loly column, I didn’t let it get in the way. :smiley: I can have up to 4 trains running at once.

The benchwork is 1x4 pine with 1/2" plywood glued and screwed to the pine. The plywood is then covered with 1/2 Homosote that is glued and screwed to the plywood. Very solidly built, I can stand on it. The Homosote makes it easier to nail the track down plus acts as a sound deadner. The hills and embankments are plaster over aluminum screen. Here’s a tip: plaster likes to set up fast, substitute some of the water for white vinegar when mixing the plaster. This will retard the drying time increasing your working time. All outside edges of the board have 1/4" by 3" strips of polycarbonate (scraps from work) screwed to the edges. This saves any trains that derail from hitting the floor.

Most of the motive power is Athearn. I do have a few Proto 2000, Atlas and a single Stewart loco. I’m not modeling any particular roadname, I just buy what I like.
My rolling stock is also mostly Athearn including some custom painted Athearn by Bev-Bel and CM Shops (Rail Runner). There’s a few Walthers, Atlas, Accurail, and Roundhouse.

The track is all Atlas flex track which has been ballasted with Woodland scenics gray ballast. Dawn and Elmers white glue were used to get the ballast to stay.

I also have N gauge but I no longer have a layout for it. For now it’s safely packed away. Maybe someday I’ll take it out again. Most of my N gauge is Atlas.

I do have O scale but it’s only set up for the holidays, 2 loops around the tree and a point-to-point upper level. I have a mix of Lionel (postwar, MPC, and modern), MTH and Williams. I have no space or the funds to set up a permanent O scale layout. It’s the costliest of all the gauges and I only add a few pieces a year to my collection.

The 4th gauge that I own is G scale. I only have 3 pieces, an Erie Lackawanna RS-3, and 2 40’ boxcars, a NYC Pacemaker and a NH. I have never run them 'nor have I any way of running them. I only have them for display purposes above my tv.

The second set of pics are of my fathers O scale layout. It’s mostly Lionel from all 3 eras. 3 trains can run at once. There’s 2 outer loops and a yard in the center. The outermost loop has a siding that can hold a 4th train but it most stay there until you stop the other train running on that track. The construction of this layout is similar to mine.

Shortly after I was born in the mid 70s my parents set up a Lionel layout for me. I have been into them since then. I spent countless hours with my original 4x8 layout when I was little. LEGOs made great buildings and Matchbox and Hotwheels made great cars, although they were out of scale I didn’t notice or care. All I cared about was how many Hotwheels I could fit in that hopper and how fast I could get them around the layout. :slight_smile:

This makes me again want to do things with the stupid amount of N scale stuff I bought while working at The Great Train Store briefly before the chain went out of business. We started to put something together in my parent’s basement, but it was never finished because I designed it to make good use of turnouts. It’s a 10’x10’x L-shaped, double-deck monstrosity that calls for hundreds of #6 turnouts. I couldn’t afford them all. :slight_smile:

My dad had model trains as a kid and I love miniatures, so I love them as well. My brother has Lionel trains of his own, even, in addition to my father’s HO stuff.

Hello folks…

Besides Robotics…I’m a train nut too…My dad was a 30 year railroad conductor. He started with Penn Central just after the merger in 1969,then Conrail, then Amtrak. He passed away in 1999 after having worked earlier that
day. Dad worked with everything from GG-1’s and E-7’s up to the X-2000,the Ice Train and would have worked the Acela.I tried for years to get on with a railroad, but alas its not to be. It just never worked out for some reason.

During dad’s years with the railroad (epsecially when I was a teen and in my
early 20’s) I go to go along with him often and got to see a lot of stuff that
is now gone. He worked the former PRR main from Washington to N.Y. and Harrisburg. I got to see GG-1’s,MP-54 MU cars,the original metroliners,the
E-44’s (and for VGN and NH fans the E-33’s) the Kennedy funeral train,the
Flying Scottsman during its american tour, and the Freedom train twice
(with ex Reading 4-8-4 2101) near Baltimore. I saw and sent a letter on the last RPO run in the US (with repainted GG-1 4935 pulling it) and some of the
Army-Navy runs to Philadelphia and lots and lots of other stuff

I miss the old Alco RS-1’s that used to work Washington Union station
(under Washington Terminal Co. ownership then) and the original silver
liners (they replaced the MP-54’s) I’ve almost always have been a PRR fan.
This was a bit hard to do living in Baltimore then. I knew Baltimore’s Penn station and Washington Union Terminal almost like second homes.
(note…former PRR GG-1 4876 of Washington Crash fame is rusting away in south Baltimore,although owned by the B&O museum. They have no current plans to restore it.) At one time I was a member of the Baltimore streetcar museum where I got to work on and operate some of the cars. The oldest I ever ran was the 1900 Brill opencar.

Today I live in S.E. Virginia and do a wee bit of railfanning now and then.
I got to see both N&W J class 4-8-4 No. 611 and A class 2-6-6-4 No. 1218
run before NS cut the program off. I’ve gotten some railroad stuff off E-bay
from time to time (like lanterns,timestables,passes,buttons,punches,etc.) and even wrote a short article for TRAINS magazine once. I also have about 3,000
dollars of H.O. models that one day I’ll hopefully set up again. (took it down
then I moved) I plan on modeling the former PRR line between Baltimore and
York,Pa. One of the coolest things I have is the cast iron station sign
which was from the Ruxton,Md. station that was built in 1898.I also have some uniform stuff (Penn Central and Amtrak) I’ll probably be wearing the vest
from my dad’s PC uniform at Atlanta as its very useful being that it has all those pockets…LOL…

Hope to see you all there…I’m with team 1610 and am the old mentor
in the pit wearing the RR vest…

There is just something about train whistles, clickety clacking on tracks, and Tennessee Ernie Ford.