pic: JCPenny Shout Out to FIRST on a Commercial

Wow. This is seriously impressive. Does anyone know the number of teams that are sponsored by JCP? When I look through the pits at almost any competition I have been to, there are always a large percentage of JCP sponsored teams. Our team actually wanted to be sponsored, but we do not have one in a close enough vicinity.

I believe this is a huge stepping stone for FIRST because in this commercial it stands next to organizations such as 4-h, YMCA, and Boys and Girls Club. Very interesting find RC.

I believe the sponsorship of JCP is one team for each store, but I’m not certain.

Anyway, this is incredibly impressive and huge. The fact that they’re putting FIRST next to organizations that are established in the public’s mind shows something.

JC Penney did a great job of funding rookie teams last year. I don’t think they made there goal of a team for every store, but I think they made it about half way there.

jcp or jcpenney only funds 1 team per store, but each store may not have a team associated with it. You can contact your local store in order to find out.

Or even better, contact your regional director.

They didn’t actually have a FIRST robot in the commercial, which was a little disappointing. Regardless, JcPenny did an excellent job this year with great signs of continued involvement.

JCPenney’s sponsorship has been awesome. It’s great to see it growing.

The one thing that was very confusing and made me appreciate the FRC teams’ use of colors to brand themselves, was the uniform tee shirts that JC Penney asked the rookie teams to wear. The teams were new to the events and having the same shirt on made it difficult for volunteers to identify the teams. It made for confusion.


Yeah I was really surprised when the commercial came on while I was watching tv yesterday. After seeing that FIRST was shown, I had to snag a picture and show everyone on Delphi. (Thanks to Fios & DVR :D) Anyhow, I am really excited with the amount of people that are catching on with FIRST. Even though the initial grasp took 20 years, were really looking forward to this becoming a huge deal in the US over the next 3 years.

Wow x2.

  1. jcpenney is awesome, and their support for FIRST is outstanding. I needed some new jeans and shirts this week, and I asked my wife if we had any coupons. She said “yes, for Kohl’s and Elder-Beerman”. I said "do you have any for jcpenney, 'cause that is where I want to buy my clothes. She said “no”. I still went to jcpenney, without a coupon, and still got a good deal on some new clothes.

I encourage all of you to do the same, as you see fit. I don’t see Kohl’s or other similar department stores supporting FIRST yet.

  1. FIRST - YMCA - Boys and Girls Club - 4-H

I am very happy to see FIRST listed on par with these other three outstanding organizations. To see this tells me that we are indeed changing the culture, and that FIRST has “arrived”.

Andy B.


I am surprised there isn’t more publicity for these 2 special promotions. Runs until August 27.

Andy - did they ask you if you wanted to round up your purchase?

*>>For more than a decade, jcpenney has been the leading corporate advocate for the afterschool issue by distributing more than $100 million to life-enriching programs across every jcpenney community.

To bring greater attention to the afterschool cause, jcpenney is stepping up its commitment by launching an inspiring new philanthropic initiative called “pennies from heaven.”

FIRST supporters can also help to advance the cause by logging on to jcp.com/pennies and participating in the “pennies from heaven challenge.”


By joining the challenge, participants can complete various activities online that will ultimately help generate a donation to the FIRST afterschool cause.

Once participants collectively earn 100 million “virtual pennies” as a result of their online activities, jcpenney will donate an additional $1 million to its afterschool partners, of which FIRST is one! <<*

Ok. I now have an even greater new-found respect for JC Penny. Absolutely incredible!

Oooh, that is why members of other teams kept walking up to my team and asking us if, as a rookie team, we had any questions or needed anything. We wore our jcpenney shirts that had been provided to my team by JCP, even though we arn’t rookies, to Championships on Wednesday. That explains a lot. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is outstanding! JCPenny is an amazing company!
The correct label is “JCPenny”, right? I remember there being a thread discussing the correct way to write it, but if you google JCPenny, the “title description thing” above the URL says “JCPenney”, yet once you enter the home page it’s “jcpenney”. Thoughts?/Anyone know the URL to the thread that discussed this?

Better yet, the video on FIRST is the default video thats loaded when you enter the page.
2011 “pennies” donated (virtual and real i believe): 179,953,547
Pennies donated by JCPenney so far: 5,282,920 pennies.

You can see the old and new logos here:


I was the author of the post: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1062686&postcount=17

A short summary: J. C. Penney Company, Inc. formally announced in February, 2011 the introduction of a new image and logo featuring an all lower case name: jcpenney. The initials JCP are also represented as their lower case version “jcp.”

Website URLs always seem to be the last thing to change!


I was on the way home and got a text from my parents about it. That definitely is cool. Maybe we could get a FIRST-based commercial one day :).


I have an odd feeling that day is not far off into the future. The difference I see is that I do not believe FIRST will fund it (or maybe not even create it). I believe the funding for a FIRST commercial will be funded by corporations supporting FIRST. When you think about it, it is a great investment. You advertise a program that will get you countless more engineers as well as overall better quality engineers (I understand this applies to many different careers and not just engineering) and you make the money back later after you employ them.

If I were a CEO of almost any major corporation, I would support this cause for a slight loss in profit in the current year to make it back, and more, later (though I am very biased)! :smiley:

FIRST Robotics Canada runs ads on the Discovery Channel in Canada. The ad is a couple of years old now, but still pretty good.