pic: Jeff Wetzels Car


I honestly used to think jeffs avatar was fake

This is just classic FIRSTers in the off season behavior.

You gotta love it!

What kind of paint Wetzel, rattle can or Maaco? They both work just as well.

I appluad him for saving the chrome and trim pieces around the windows.

and here i thought that that was just a small lil dingy icon. now that i’m actually seeing the car. I too applaud him for saving some of the car for its natural beauty. j/k

Those colors looks like disco colors. hehe i wouldn’t be surprised if people start break dancing as he drives by.

Once again Neat looking car. Where’d you get the paint scheme from or did you just decide to be creative and use a blend of colors?

Is this the old car or the new car?

If it’s the new car, we need to get you some rims.

Now I know where he got the idea for his avatar from, or is it the other way around? What color was it originally? It reminds me of the special Volkwagon had a few years ago. I think it was the Golf that they did a multicolor scheme on at the factory. Almost looks like the cars were build from multi Lego blocks. :]

Some people have a little too much time on their hands, not to mention any names… :wink:

Bet that draws attention. :slight_smile:

People ask me “what kind of car is that?”

and I tell them:

Its a 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98
I got her one piece at time
and it didnt cost me a dime -Johnny Cash (pharaphrased)

(song about a guy who works at a car assembly line, and over a period of 20 years takes enough pieces home to build an entire car)

He bought it like that. dunno if he’s changed anything besides random accidents though :slight_smile:

they sell them that way

thats a Geo Sampler

Well, that’s true… we all do get pretty bored during the off season, but not quite that bored, yet. His car magically came that way and while everyone recognizes his car, a lot of people don’t know who he is, it’s funny hearing people say “ya know, that guy with the clown car…”
and it’s really quite entertaining to watch people’s faces when he drives past :slight_smile:

Thats about the same colors we used on out robot.

My avatar is a picture of my car, with the background photoshoped out.

Lets see…I bought it in 2000, it had been like that a few years at that point…call it about a 6-year-old rattle can job. The couple I bought it from decided they were bored one Saturday afternoon, so they went and got $40 of spray paint from Home Depot and had some fun. They did a really good job of it too.

The badges on the outside say Geo Storm, but everthing else says Isuzu. :smiley: Its really a rebadged Isuzu Impluse, and it makes me a happy driver. :slight_smile:


Wow, I didnt actually think people would talk about wetzels car, lol. Fun car to see, but the passenger side door sucks cus he slim-jimmed it open, so you have to pull the handle like 4 times to open it. Our team has such cool cars, from wetzels, to mr. fletchers old school impala, my dads mustang, lee’s van w/ the tv(we watched midgets race on it(man vs. beast 2))… anyway…lost my train of tought… :stuck_out_tongue:

hey comeon! where are all the animators who have nothing to do now?

how bout giving his car a photoshop makeover - show him the hidden potential it has?

nice paint?

some lowprofile wheels?

flux capacitor?

I would also like to mention a few things. You can see some duct tape on the front of his car. This was an uber-technical aerodynamic job performed before the trip to Richmond (the second time he went down). It prevents the hood from shaking and rattling too much, as it has been bent out of shape (and it only catches one of the latches) from one of the accidents. It also tremendously improves the airflow over the car. The passenger side door was slim-jimmed once to get in it. I seem to be the unlucky one, cause I always have to pull the handle more times than anyone else does to get the door open. It is only the handle on the inside that doesn’t work on the first pull, but the latch to lock the door from the inside is also broken, so he has to use the key on the outisde (somewhat annoying).

Also…the wheels do look pretty bad. He does have hub-cups, which I believe he should put back on. He has a green one and a blue one and a red one and a yellow one. They match the car and help it look a lot better.

I bet he’ll love me for posting all this about his car! :wink:

if you lived in my area I would rig your car so that every time it moved, it would play the circus song

Dit dit didadida Dit dit didadida
Dit dit didadida Dit dit didadida

Maybe we should call Xzibit & MTV and put him on that new show “Pimp My Ride” :stuck_out_tongue:

anybody not use their pneumatics this year?

power doors - power hood - power trunk

and of course, the pneumatic power antenna - gotta have that!

You know what it needs…matching interior! :cool:

Green rug, blue headliner, orange seatcovers, red doorpanels, purple dashpad, yellow floor mats…