pic: Jess & Billfred? No, Libby and Dandon

Never miss the opportunity to recreate a classic.

Smacking Dan with (what looks like) the control board, Libby? tsk tsk tsk… you should know better (although the mirrored glasses are kinda freakin’ me out)…

P.S. I love the 1923 guy in the background who is obviously thinking “what the heck are those two idiots doing?”

He probably thinking “Uh oh! Libby snapped again! Someone must’ve been giving her caffeinated drinks again…”

Hey, I only slipped Libby a Mountain Dew at TNT because she was emceeing and, given the nature of Friday night at TNT, was likely rolling on little to no sleep. Can’t have the emcee crash and burn on the field, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

It would sure provide the audience with some laughs :D.

“That 1923 guy” is our driver and co-captain, Matt. He’s used to me doing very silly things.


What exactly were you hitting him with, Libby? Was it the control board, or just a random piece of something solid?

I can testify from personal experience…that it is indeed a control board :yikes:.