pic: Jess Meets Richard McClellan And David Yanoshak At The Austin Robot Roundup.


It was an absolute thrill for me to introduce Jess to 2 of my favorite FRC mentors in Austin, Richard McClellan and David Yanoshak. Having Jess there, wearing her Cybersonics shirt (Hall of Fame team!) at the Austin Robot Roundup today, was amazing.

Thanks for hosting the scrimmage, 'Tin CANs!

Great picture with awesome mentors !

The ausTIN CANs have been hosting that Robot round-up for a few years now. I would consider it the highest quality ship weekend scrimmage event in Texas.

Speaking of which, how did the Robot Round-up go , any photos ?

The Houston scrimmage had about 7 teams with very few working robots …

Gah! One week later and I could’ve been there!

Looks like fun!

When Jess and I got there later in the morning, it looked like the teams were using the opportunity to practice on the field and work on different areas of their robot. It didn’t appear to be a scrimmage/competition but, instead, provided an opportunity for teams to interact, work, and share ideas/network.

Jess spent time sharing from her vast store of knowledge and experience with teams, students, and sponsors.

I had planned on taking lots of photos but spent most of my time talking with new mentors to the area hailing from Colorado, Canada, and Boston - for example… :eek:, and with students on a 2nd year team and rookie team.

I heard that News 8 came for a while. That was good to hear!

Let me know when you are in town, Eric. It will be good to see you. And, Happy Birthday!!


P.S. Mr. Bertucci told me that 418 hung from 2158 so that sounded fun. We still have work to do.

Here are pictures from the Houston Scrimmage, 441 was hanging pretty easily other teams were mainly kicking balls.